PASZA milestones since inception.

Dec 1998 AEC Report Released
Dec 1999 Stakeholder Meeting Held
Mar 2001 Registered as Non-Profit Society
Feb 2002 Approve Passive AQM Program Design
Mar 2002 Annual General Meeting
Jun 2002 Program Manager Starts
Aug 2002 Passive Program Startup
Nov 2002 Website Online
Jan 2003 Grande Prairie Storefront Office Established
Mar 2003 2nd Annual General Meeting
Apr 2003 Application to AENV to Replace Static Monitoring
Oct 2003 Finalize Design of Continuous Program
Jan 2004 Henry Pirker Continuous Station Commissioned
Jun 2004 Network Monitoring Plan Completed
Aug 2004 Application to AENV to Amend Continuous Licenses
Dec 2004 Approval from AENV to Implement Continuous Plan
Jan 2005 Weyerhaeuser Donates 2 Continuous AQM Stations
Feb 2005 Evergreen Park Continuous Site is Commissioned
Mar 2005 Smoky Heights Continuous Site is Commissioned
May 2005 Beaverlodge Site Operations are assumed by PASZA
Jun 2005 3rd Annual General Meeting
May 2006 Communications Committee reinstated
Jun 2006 4th Annual General Meeting
Sep 2006 Rover station commissioned in the Falher area